Download Wired In for Desktop

We’re excited that you have purchased a Wired In sign. The Wired In App is here. We’re so excited to share the product and app with you. Using our desktop app you can easily control your connected Wired In sign. Leverage an easy, familiar and clean UI. Or simply turn your sign on and off with the flick of a keystroke.

Simple Desktop App

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You can create custom sign statuses for easy switching. Each status can have a unique (or even shared color). Statuses have an assigned emoji. That way when your status posts to Slack, or another webhook, it can post the name and emoji.


Power control your sign quickly and easily with hotkey shortcuts. Every color can have it’s own shortcut key, and you can have a separate shortcut key for turning the sign off.

Control with shortcuts


We’re looking forward to your feedback. Wired In is just getting started and we want to continue to evolve the app to hel pyou be even more productive. Watch for updates soon.